Optimal TV Viewing

Posted on: October 16, 2018

  I love my 60" flat screen HDTV.  I'm old enough to remember black and white TV's. And shows like The Midwestern Hayride, The Lone Ranger, My Little Margie.  I remember our first color TV, the first time I saw the NBC Peacock, when Gunsmoke

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Vane Savers

Save the Vanes

Posted on: August 31, 2018

Are your neighbors able to peek in through the gap where your vertical vanes once were?  Well, there is a way to prevent those nosy neighbors from looking in. Vane savers to the rescue! Vane savers can be used to rehang the vertical vane that is cracked

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Posted on: June 29, 2018

The new PowerWand™ from Alta is the most affordable solution for your concerns with choking hazards.  The PowerWand™ lifts and lowers your shades with the touch of a button on the wand. No Cords needed and you don't need to be able to reach

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