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A desk and computer in front of windows. The text reads "Maximizing Natural Light in Your Home with the Right Window Treatments"

Maximizing Natural Light in Your Home with the Right Window Treatments

Posted on: November 6, 2023
Tags: Window Treatments, Cellular Shades, solar shades, Natural Light

Controlling how much or how little light enters your home is one of the most important things your window treatments do. The amount of natural light that enters your home contributes to how well you can see, how hot the interior gets, and even how much you are spending on your electric bill.

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What Are Solar Shades Best Used For?

What Are Solar Shades Best Used For?

Posted on: May 1, 2023
Tags: solar shades, shades

Finding the perfect temperature for your home without overspending on your energy bills is a challenge many homeowners struggle with.


Everyone’s bodies are different, so some homeowners will want to keep their homes warm, and some prefer cooler air. However, all homeowners agree that there is nothing more irritating than losing or adding unwanted heat through your windows.

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