Smart Powered Blinds and Shades from Alta and Hunter Douglas

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Smart Powered Blinds and Shades from Alta and Hunter Douglas

Posted on: April 4, 2022

Welcome to the 21st Century. Your home is Smart, customized to your lifestyle, and you can make any utility changes from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

While this may not be true for all of us (yet), Smart homes are the future of domestic life. With a focus on comfort and convenience, Smart home features allow you to have maximum, up-to-the-minute control of your home.

Perhaps the most exciting Smart home feature is the innovation of powered window treatments.

While it is only logical that a window treatment store and service (like Blinds Plus and More) would be ecstatic new window treatment technology, there is cause for fascination even among the most indifferent of homeowners.

Far more than just a remote-controlled open/close feature, powered blinds and shades produced by Alta and Hunter Douglas can truly take your home into the next century.

In this post, we will go over the features that Bliss Automation by Alta and PowerView Automation by Hunter Douglas can add to your home and lifestyle.

Power to the People!

Motorized blinds are nothing new. So why are we so excited?

It’s simple: Bliss Automation by Alta and PowerView Automation by Hunter Douglas are so much more than motorized blinds. They are window treatments made for your lifestyle.

Below we will break down the different features of each product.

Bliss Automation by Alta

Alta has always produced superior products, but this time they have outdone themselves.

Bliss Automation has the following features:

The Bliss Bridge features easy Wi-Fi set up that allows you to control your Bliss blinds using a smartphone device or voice commands. Simply speak and Bliss Automation follows your every order.

Alta makes charging a snap with the Bliss Magnetic Charging Kit. Forget about fumbling in the dark trying to connect a cable and charging cord. The Bliss Magnet makes for the perfect fit every time.

Enjoy whole-home automation. Bliss works with a range of products for room-by-room cordless automation.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries ensure that your blinds keep a charge for up to 500 up and down cycles.

Strong two-way radio communication ensures a reliable connection for real-time monitoring of motor battery life and shade status.

Using the Alta app, you can set timers and scenes to allow for all-day customization of your window treatments.

PowerView Automation by Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is one of the best window treatment designers operating today.

See the features that PowerView Automation can offer your home.

PowerView Automation allows you to schedule customized scenes from your smartphone. Your blinds will adjust accordingly to the position you choose.

Tell your blinds to automatically adjust to sunrise and sunset to ensure you get the best night’s rest. Smart technology syncs with your location and makes daily adjustments to ensure that your window treatments adjust at just the right time.

Adjust your shades using just your voice. Just give a command like “Close all shades!” and let PowerView Automation do the work for you.

PowerView Automation cooperates with other home automation systems to ensure the perfect level of comfort for you and your loved ones.

Control your window treatments anywhere, anytime from your smartphone or tablet.

Make in-moment adjustments using the hand-held Pebble controller, the modern answer to the clunky remote control. Sleek and refined, the Pebble gives you on-demand control of up to six different window treatments.

Choose between a hardwired or battery-operated system for maximum convenience.

A Smarter Home for You

Ready or not, the future of window treatments is here.

Smart homes are the future of domestic life. Smart window treatments from Alta and Hunter Douglas will help your home reach a new level of comfort and customization.

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