“There’s nothing new under the sun?” 

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“There’s nothing new under the sun?” 

Posted on: December 18, 2019

“There’s nothing new under the sun?” What about your beautiful new home with the gorgeous new wide plank hardwood flooring. Or that beautiful new custom sofa you just spent 2 month’s salary to buy. Oh, and don’t forget the Alex Katz lithograph Uncle Ted gave you at your housewarming. Valuable stuff.  I’m sure you purchased hazard insurance to protect them. Fire, storms, theft: we all know what damage they can do. But there’s another enemy out there that, over time, can work havoc on your lovely new possessions.

UV light. That’s its name. It’s a gift from the sun.  We’ve learned it is bad for our skin. It’s also bad for your home and what’s in it. That hardwood floor, UV will attack and dull the finish, even change the color.  Your lovely new sofa, UV will fade the fabric and cause it to deteriorate. And that expensive Katz litho, UV damage can wreak havoc on its value. 

I know you love the light, open feel your windows give your home and all the negatives of hiding them behind draperies or heavy window coverings. There is a solution at Blinds Plus; the new Modern Roller Shade in beautiful screen fabrics. These new style blinds filter UV, increase privacy and add beauty to your windows. Best of all, you can maintain you exterior view depending on the fabric selected.  Modern Roller Shades can add beauty and function to you home and defeat UV damage at the same time.  So, there is “something new under the sun.” Your new home and Modern Roller Shades from Blinds Plus. Call one of our four convenient locations today for a free, in-home consultation.