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Panic Solutions

Posted on: January 7, 2020

Yesterday I left for Tuscan, Arizona for a business trip. As a single mother, my kids have to stay with their grandparents when I travel for work. It’s always hectic, as I pack for myself and my two kids. This particular business trip I kept asking myself, “did I shut all the blinds before I left? Or did the kids distract me, once again, before shutting them?” It may appear like one more detail to just check off the list, but no. It’s nerve-racking, wondering if open blinds are revealing everything we own in an unoccupied house.

I've heard all about motorized blinds. However, today a coworker was telling me about something new to my ears and revolutionary. She told me blinds can be programmed to open, close, and rotate slats. Not only that, but I can do this from an app on my phone. It’s called the Powerview® app. In Tuscan Arizona, 1567 miles from home, I could close my blinds with ease.  I could protect my cherished possessions.

I’m excited for what 2020 will bring. With that, I will definitely be investing into my home with Hunter Douglas™ motorized blinds. With of course, the Powerview® Hub, so I can control the blinds with the app on my phone. I will never miss a beat insulating my home and having privacy. I’m thrilled for when I’m running errands, see the sun come out and then pull out my phone to simply adjust the blinds to come down. I’m learning how much blinds can help insulate a home and how much it can decrease the energy bill. Whether I am traveling to Tuscan Arizona and frantically wondering if my blinds are shut or sitting in my chair at home when the sun starts beating through the window… I have an app for that!