Common Child Safety Hazards Found in the Home

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Common Child Safety Hazards Found in the Home

Posted on: August 8, 2022

Nothing is more important than your children's safety. However, many parents leave dangerous elements unattended in their homes.

These dangers range from sharp corners to tripping hazards, electric hazards, chemicals, and more. Common dangers to young children often go unnoticed as they are commonplace objects.

At Blinds Plus and More, we are all too aware of one of the biggest dangers in our industry: hanging blind cords. Blind cords that hang from window treatments can be alluring to children and many toddlers will seek them out as playthings. However, these hanging cords can cause serious injury, strangulation, and even death if improperly handled.

For that reason, no window treatments from Blinds Plus and More ever come with hanging cords.

Unfortunately, hanging cords are just one of the many dangers that are present in your home.

This post will go over some of the biggest hazards for small children and how to ensure that they never harm your children.

Watch Out for These Home Hazards

It is all too easy to overlook common home hazards that can pose serious harm to your children.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest at-home dangers that pose a threat to your children.

Injuries from falls.

Tripping and falling are natural for a toddler learning to walk. The biggest dangers come from falls downstairs, off furniture, and out of windows. Make sure all stairs are gated off, babies are not left unattended on furniture, and all windows are closed and locked.

Accidental poisoning.

There are many substances in your home that, if ingested, can cause poisoning. Young children are curious and will put almost anything in their mouths. Check all cleaning supplies and other potential poisons like ant traps for warning labels. Anything with a poison warning label must be locked in a secure cabinet.

Burns from hot surfaces.

Burning poses a massive threat to babies and toddlers. Their curious hands are always reaching to explore the next surfaces and objects. Make sure hot stoves and ovens are always supervised and that any hot liquids are far from your child's wandering reach.

Choking hazards.

Obstructed airways are one of the leading causes of death in young children. Children like to put things in their mouths, be sure that any small objects are never allowed in your children's mouths and that your floors are clean from any small rocks or miscellaneous debris. Also, be sure that you are trained in CPR should your child begin to choke.

Drowning or suffocation.

This goes hand in hand with choking hazards. Be mindful of pools, ponds, and open bodies of water, and make sure you get your children swimming lessons as soon as they are ready. Also look out for heavy blankets, plastic bags, and other suffocation hazards. Never let your children play with anything that is not a child-specific toy.

Unsecured furniture.

Is your furniture bolted to the wall? Children have the natural urge to pull and climb. Heavy cabinets and other furniture that is not properly secured can easily tip over if a child attempts to climb them.

Safer Window Treatments with Blinds Plus and More

Blind cords pose a significant threat to children due to the risk of strangulation.

Blinds Plus and More is all too aware of this risk. For that reason, we only sell cordless window treatments.

If you want safer window treatments that you can count on, stop by one of our four showrooms in Centerville, Cincinnati, Mason, or Florence.

Blinds Plus and More care about keeping your children safe. Let us help you find window treatments that are child-friendly today!