Optimal TV Viewing

Posted on: October 16, 2018


I love my 60" flat screen HDTV.  I'm old enough to remember black and white TV's. And shows like The Midwestern Hayride, The Lone Ranger, My Little Margie.  I remember our first color TV, the first time I saw the NBC Peacock, when Gunsmoke changed from black and white to color.  Back then we had to deal with snowy screens, poor reception, rabbit ear antennas, and tinny audio. Our viewing choices were limited to the Big Three Networks and PBS.  How times have changed!  Now I have high definition video, surround sound audio, 200 + channels, and a dish instead of an antenna, Oh, yes, and a cable bill and an internet bill. But there's one thing that hasn't changed. 
TV viewing is best in a room with muted lighting. Easy to do at night, just turn off some of the lights. But what do you do in the daytime when bright sunlight is pouring in through your windows?  My mother solved the problem by hanging draperies on the windows.  I've never cared much for that look. I like a more modern, open look. So, I tried wood slat blinds. You know, the kind everybody refers to as "Venetian blinds."  Hated cleaning them. So, I went on line.  I surfed the 'net looking for options. There were so many sites, and so many options.  How do you choose? I decided I needed to talk to someone who knew blinds and could help me with my problem.  I looked for a company that had been in business for a while.  One that had a showroom where I could touch and feel and try out styles.  I needed my windows measured and a cost estimate. I wanted to see samples in my home so that I could be sure I was picking the right color for my room. I wanted installation, and I wanted a warranty.  My neighbor recommended I call Blinds Plus. They have a great showroom. They helped me figure out the right blind for me. They came to my home, brought samples to help me decide color, measured my windows,and gave me a quote. For free. That's right, no charge. I haven't yet decided which option I'm going to buy. Either a 5% or a 7% screen roller blind. I'm amazed at how roller blinds have changed.  They have so many fabric choices. You can even get them automated. I'll probably call them tomorrow to place my order. 
I'm pretty excited. In 4-6 weeks I'll be able to watch my dvr'd shows on my TV, even during the day. No more glare, no more washed out screen. And, my windows will be so pretty.