What's Your Warranty Worth?

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What's Your Warranty Worth?

Posted on: May 25, 2011

We recently got a call from a customer who stated that they had called the retailer who sold them their cellular shades nine years ago. They told the owner of that retailer that they had three cellular shades out of eight cellular shades where the fabric was delaminating. Delaminating is when the glue that holds the fabric together dries out and fails. The honeycombs start to come apart. This particular retailer told them that after nine years they had gotten their moneys worth out of the shades and it was time to buy new ones. Needless to say, they opted for a second opinion. They called Blinds Plus and More and asked if the product might be under warranty. Once we had determined the brand, we called the manufacturer to see if they would repair or replace the product under warranty.

The manufacturer said that they would replace the shades under warranty. The customer needed to pay freight to and from the manufacturer. We charged a small fee to pack and ship the materials under a return authorization number. Within two weeks the customer had new shades in lieu of their old shades.

All products are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. This varies by manufacturer and product. It is only against a manufacturer’s defect. This does not mean abuse such as: fire, smoke, water, dog, parrot or children. The value of your purchase should be based on the warranty as part of the decision making process.

The value should be based on who is the go - between from you to the manufacturer, also. This is where the real hidden value comes into play. At Blinds Plus and More, I cannot guarantee how the manufacturer will stand up behind its warranty, this will vary by the company and when you purchased your product. I can guarantee we will try our best to secure positive results for our past, present and future customers.