Why People are Choosing Faux Wood Blinds

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Why People are Choosing Faux Wood Blinds

Posted on: March 7, 2022

Wood blinds are among the top choices for many shoppers looking for new window treatments.  

For good reasons too, wooden blinds add a touch of elegance and warmth to any room.  

The problem is that real wood requires more work than other types of window treatments and usually comes with a steeper price tag. 

The best way to achieve the real wood look without the big price tag is to go for faux wood blinds.  

Faux wooden blinds look just like real wood, and they have some additional benefits that wooden blinds do not have.  

In this post, we will go over the options and benefits when it comes to faux wood blinds.  

Friend or Faux? 

The biggest advantage of faux wood blinds is that they provide style on a budget.  

Faux wood goes well with any décor, and you can even choose grain pattern, stain color, and more.  

Customization of faux wood allows you to specify exactly what you want to fill out your room.  

Here is a full list of all your options for faux wood customization: 


You can choose a natural wood look or have your slats be perfectly smooth. 


Is brown your style? Maybe you'd prefer a white or tan? 

Slat width

How much work should each slat do? 

Cord or cordless

Will you open your blinds with a cord? Or would you prefer the cordless look? 


Will you mount your blinds inside or outside your window frame? It all depends on how much coverage you need. 


Route less

Looking to eliminate the tiny holes in your blinds that allow your cord to pass through? Go for routeless blinds for better coverage.  

Rounded or sharp corners

How sharp will your slat be? Should the corners be smooth to the touch? Or do you want a sharper look? 

Cloth tape

Add an extra flair to your blinds and cover any holes with a sense of style.  

Dependable and Easy to Clean 

People love faux wood blinds because they are more durable than natural wood and they are quite easy to clean.  

Faux wood can handle very high temperatures and humidity without warping.  

Faux wood can also stand up to the natural elements without fading or scratching. 

Faux wood does not warm or deteriorate in humid environments as natural wood does. So go ahead and use it in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Most faux wood you find will be made from composite or PVC material. Because of this, they are famously easy to clean. Simply dust your faux wood blinds once per week and use soap and water for a deeper clean. 

Faux wood blinds are so easy to clean that you can spray them off with a hose without ruining them. 

Upgrade Your Windows 

When it is time to upgrade your window treatments, you have dozens of options. 

Many people desire a natural wood look to infuse their home with an extra sense of style.  

While natural wood blinds make an excellent investment and last for many years, they are not the right fit for every home.  

If you are looking for blinds that have the beauty and functionality of natural wood, but you need an option that is more durable, then faux wood blinds may be right for you.  

Faux wood blinds give you all the beauty of natural wooden blinds without worry. 

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