Window Blinds and Shades Repair: Signs it’s Time to Get Your Window Treatments Fixed

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Window Blinds and Shades Repair: Signs it’s Time to Get Your Window Treatments Fixed

Posted on: November 7, 2022

You know that it is hard work to keep your home looking its best.

One thing that can seriously detract from an otherwise beautiful home is window treatments that have been damaged and need repair.

Over time, even the best window treatments fall into disrepair. It is your job to look out for the warning signs that your window treatments are on their last leg.

If your window treatments need repair, then it is time to take them to a certified professional. If you ignore the warning signs for too long, it will be too late to save your window treatments and you will need to have them replaced.

So, how do you know when it is time to have your window treatments repaired?

The experts at Blinds Plus and More have assembled this list of warning signs to tell you if your window treatments are in poor health. If you spot any of the signs below, take your window treatments in for repair.

Keep reading to learn more about when you should take your window treatments in for repair in Cincinnati.

Warning Signs that You Need to Take Your Window Treatments in for Repair

Your window treatments add a lot to your home. They speak to your style and are essential to setting your home’s color palette.

Here are some important signs that it is time to repair your window treatments.

Your Window Treatments are Difficult to Open or Close

We’ve all seen them. Window treatments that are difficult or impossible to open can be a headache and cause you to give up on them altogether.

Difficulties operating your window treatments usually mean that the lifting mechanism is damaged or broken. Take your blinds or shades in for repair now or you will have wrist cramps for years to come.

The Slats Won’t Close or Cannot Stay in Position

If your blinds can’t reliably control light levels, then they are little more than a fashion statement.

If your slats won’t move or stay in position, that is a clear sign your window treatment’s tilting mechanism is broken. Take it in for repair if you value light control.

If Your Window Treatments Still Have Cords, It’s Time for a Replacement

Corded window treatments are better left in the 20th century. If you still have these dangling menaces, it’s time for a replacement.

Hanging window cords are a danger to children and pets. Go with a more convenient option. Cordless blinds are sleek, safe, and attractive.

Blinds Plus and More: The Best Window Treatments in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. That’s why if something in your home breaks or is damaged, you want to make sure it is repaired to its original state.

The repair services at Blinds Plus and More are top-notch. In fact, we are called upon by manufacturers and other companies to do repairs on their products!

We will repair or fix any product we sell for two years in your home. After that time, you may bring it to one of our locations, and we will repair it for you. It's that simple: we are committed to providing superior service to our customers!

Nobody likes window treatments that have overstayed their welcome. Reach out to Blinds Plus and More today for your FREE consultation. We will help you find window treatments that you will want to stick around.

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