What Are Solar Shades Best Used For?

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What Are Solar Shades Best Used For?

Posted on: May 1, 2023
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Finding the perfect temperature for your home without overspending on your energy bills is a challenge many homeowners struggle with.

Everyone’s bodies are different, so some homeowners will want to keep their homes warm, and some prefer cooler air. However, all homeowners agree that there is nothing more irritating than losing or adding unwanted heat through your windows.

Heat usually enters your home via the sun’s energy through your windows and can exit your home through the glass or frame. To prevent this, you need a barrier designed to prevent the flow of heat from your windows.

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Solar shades from Blinds Plus and More do just that! These shades are made from specifically designed materials that either optimally reflect or absorb sunlight. That means less heat enters your home from the outside and your temperatures remain consistent.

But what are solar shades best used for and how can you use them to maximize energy efficiency?

This post will answer your most-asked questions about solar shades and how they can help keep your energy bills low.

Common Questions About Solar Shades Answered

Solar shades are rising in popularity and many homeowners wonder how they can use these window treatments to improve their energy efficiency and keep their energy bills low.

The Blinds Plus and More team has assembled a list of commonly asked questions to help you better understand how you can best use your solar shades.


What are Solar Shades?


In appearance, solar shades look a lot like roller shades, the key difference between the two being the material they are made from. Solar shades are made from a specially engineered mesh composed of PVC or HDPE. Meanwhile, roller shades are made from fabric or vinyl.

The holes in the mesh allow you to see through your solar shade while also blocking the thermal heat of sunlight. In addition, they come in many different varieties and styles to suit your home’s décor and established appeal.

When used in combination with other window treatments like curtains or blinds, they provide a layered approach to light and heat control.


Do Solar Shades Keep Both Heat and Cold Out?


Solar shade's primary purpose is to keep the sun’s heat from penetrating your windows and heating your home. Solar shades reflect or absorb this thermal energy, boosting your home’s energy efficiency (and lowering your heating and cooling bills).

However, many homeowners wonder if solar shades can do the opposite too and keep cool air from entering their homes.

To answer this question, we need to understand that heat does not leave the home the same way it enters it. Whereas heat enters your home via sunlight through exposed windows, it leaves via the conduction of heat through your window's panes and frame. Because of this, while solar shades may be able to reduce this conduction, other window treatments like curtains or insulated shades are better suited for stopping heat loss during winter.


Will Solar Shades Prevent my Furniture from Fading?


UV rays, infamous for causing sunburns, can also be harmful to your furniture. The sun's harsh rays cause your fabrics to bleach over time as they break down the chemical bonds in the dyes. If this is allowed to go on for long enough, your textiles will become brittle and can crack or break.

Solar shades are highly effective at protecting your furniture from fading because they reduce the UV rays coming through your window. They work the same way that sunblock does for your skin.

How do I Clean My Solar Shades?


Solar shades are relatively easy to clean compared to other window treatments. Unless otherwise noted, you generally do not have to worry about damaging your solar shades as a result of cleaning them.


Here are a few cleaning methods you can try for spotless solar shades.


  • Vacuum your shades with a soft brush attachment to gently remove dust and debris. This will help ensure your shades provide heat reduction as intended.

  • Spot clean small stains with a damp cloth by gently blotting the area. Never rub or scrape as this can harm the material.

  • For a deep clean, use mild soap and lukewarm water on a clean, soft cloth and gently wipe the shades. After, rinse the shades thoroughly with clean water and air dry.

  • Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for the best advice on your specific shades and never use harsh chemicals for cleaning.


Can I Customize My Solar Shades?


Solar shades are highly customizable. They can be made to fit a variety of window sizes and functions. Many people chose to use solar shades on their traditional windows, but they can be used on doors, skylights, or even angled or curved windows.

In addition, you can use solar shades outside on your exterior structures to block UV rays and control the temperature on your patio, gazebo, or porch.

Finally, you can also choose to motorize your solar shades, so you do not have to manually adjust the height and orientation of your window treatment as the sun sets or rises.

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