DIY vs Professional Window Covering Installation

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DIY vs Professional Window Covering Installation

You’ve finally picked out the perfect window treatments. They match your home décor, keep out the sun’s harsh rays, and subtly provide an upgrade in privacy. Now you need to decide whether you want a professional installation or if you want to attempt a DIY window treatment installation.

So, what is best for you? Not every treatment is the same, and some can be difficult to install. You want to install your window treatments in a way that maximizes their impact and sets them up for a long lifespan. DIY installation cannot always do that, sometimes you need a professional.

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In this post, we will weigh the benefits of professional blind installation against DIY installation, including which is the best option for your warranty and guarantees. Keep reading to learn which window treatment installation option is right for you!

The Pros of Professional Window Treatment Installation

Window treatments can be a huge upgrade to your home’s style and energy efficiency. Even so, installation can be a time-consuming process, and many homeowners are simply too hectic to dedicate multiple hours to blind installation.

Because correct installation is so important, many homeowners opt for a professional to install their blinds or other window treatments.

Professional window installation ensures that your new blinds, shades, or other window coverings are installed the correct way. If there are any issues, a professional is on hand to work through any issues and find a satisfying solution.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits professional blind installation can offer your home.

Expertise When Measuring and Installing Window Coverings

One of the main benefits that a professional offer’s you is that they can give you precise and accurate measurements that will result in the perfect window treatment installation.

Better Attention to Detail

A professional has been there and done that. Because of this, they know the regular pitfalls of installing window treatments. A pro will perform your blind installation with attention to detail that will produce long-lasting results.

A Professional Can Handle Complications with Ease

Sometimes unexpected complications happen. That’s life. When you have a professional installing your window treatments, they will be able to navigate through any issues without frustration.

Warranty and Guarantee on Their Work

Professional installation comes with a warranty and a guarantee that the job will be done right. That means even if something does go wrong during installation, you can count on the pros to make things right.

Many homeowners opt to go at it alone when it comes to installation. However, this can lead to much frustration. If your measurements are even slightly off, it can set you back hours or lead to crooked or easily broken window treatments. In any case where precision and installation are required, it is best to use a professional.

When Can I Install My Window Treatments Myself?

Not every window treatment installation will need a professional for satisfactory results. There are a few instances where DIY can be the right choice for you.

Just remember that because there are some instances where you can install your blinds yourself, most cases will have a better result if you use a professional.

So, when might be a good opportunity for DIY window treatment installation?

The Framework is Already in Place

If the framework for your window treatments is already installed and you simply have to attach your new blinds, then you likely can manage on your own. Just be sure that the framework is correct, otherwise, you will have an unpleasant experience.

You Are Highly Experienced with Home Renovation

For those individuals who have the experience necessary for a complex job, like installing new blinds or other window treatments, DIY is a possible route. However, if you are uncertain if you have the know-how to get the job done, just hire a pro. It could even be a good learning experience for you!

It is a Small Job and You Have Time to Make Mistakes

If you lack experience but you want to learn a new skill, installing your window treatments yourself can be a great way to boost your experience levels. However, be aware that you will need to set aside some time and give yourself room for mistakes. Be sure to follow a professional guide and only attempt DIY installation for small jobs like single window blinds or shades. Never start with complex jobs like shutters.

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Your Window Treatments Do More with Blinds Plus and More

New window treatments are a great way to add a splash of unique style and refinement to your home. Not only that, but they can boost your home’s energy efficiency and create complete privacy.

Many homeowners are tempted to try and install their window treatments themselves. Unless you are experienced with home renovation, or it is a very simple job, professional installation is the best method to use.

When you have a professional install your window treatments, you can be sure the job will be done right and that your blinds will last for a long time.

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