2024's Essential Guide to Window Treatment Trends

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2024's Essential Guide to Window Treatment Trends

2024's Essential Guide to Window Treatment Trends

Have you been dreaming about all the possibilities for the new year? Us too!

There are so many exciting opportunities on the horizon, and as you make plans for the new year, you may consider upgrading your window treatments in 2024.

Every year, there are unique styles and trends that arise that enhance the aesthetics of your home and bring an extra splash of flare to serve practical purposes such as light control and privacy.

We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of all the recent stylish and hot trends. To help you stay updated, we have curated a list of trends and recommendations to explore as you enter the new year!

In this blog, we are predicting that bold patterns, earthy hues and tones, and eco-friendly products will be trendy. In addition, we are continuing to see the rise of smart technology with window treatments.

Our Top Window Treatment Recommendations for 2024

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Keep reading to learn more about our forecast of style trends in 2024 to help you bring your vision for your home to life in the new year.


Smart Living with Motorized Shades


Motorized shades provide innovative features and advanced technology that provide convenience and keep up with the fast pace of the world we are living in.

The PowerView® system allows homeowners the ability to control their window coverings from anywhere and enjoy the ease of the rechargeable battery wands and the extended battery life. With the Hunter Douglas® PowerView® motorization system, you can easily regulate your shades to your preferred position, all with a voice command or tap.

Another major benefit of motorized shades is that they are energy efficient. Since you can schedule your shades to open and close at specific times during the day, you will be able to save energy and reduce your utility bills.

Ultimately, smart homes are progressively growing in popularity, and motorized shades like the PowerView® system are features that are both user-friendly and innovative solutions for window treatments.

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Woven Wood Shades


We have noticed that earthy and organic styles have emerged. You can anticipate a more natural and eco-friendly style being sought-after.

Woven wood shades use natural fibers and organic materials that make them a sustainable and eco-friendly option. For instance, they can include organic fibers, reeds, grasses, bamboo, etc. The natural materials have a unique natural look that adds texture, warmth, and a rustic feel to any room.

The natural materials and design of the shades work to control the temperature and light while reducing energy consumption. This means that during the summer months, the shades will help block out sunlight to keep room temperatures colder.

In retrospect, in the winter months, the shades can keep the heat in the house because the natural materials supply a layer of insulation that traps warm air inside the house.

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades from Hunter Douglas offers an assortment of styles to choose from that will provide comfort and coziness to your home!

If you want more information about woven wood shades, click here to read further.


Faux Wood Blinds


The rise of eco-friendly products is undeniable, as conversations about protecting the earth and climate change have become more relevant.

Faux wood blinds are a must for homeowners who are seeking the look of real wood but are made from materials like PVC (or other composite materials). No trees are cut down to create faux wood blinds.

The VC and composite plastics that are used can all be recycled when the window treatment is finished. Faux wood blinds can be transformed into something new by being broken down.

Faux wood blinds are both environmentally friendly and would be considered UV protectants. Harmful UV rays can easily come into your home through your windows. Therefore, it is very important to compare the ratings of various models to make sure that your protection is intact.

If you are interested in eco-friendly products, we encourage browsing Alta Faux Wood Blinds. There are several products available to choose from.


Honeycomb Shades


Recently, bold patterns and prints such as geometric shapes, oversized florals, and abstract prints have become popular. This trend tends to add personality to your home!

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are geometric folds that resemble honeycombs.

These shades are great at blocking out light and extreme temperatures.

  • Traps pockets of hot and cold air so that your furnace and air-conditioning work less

One kind of honeycomb shade that we suggest is Duette cellular shades by Hunter Douglas®. These shades have a unique design that will add character to any room and provide insulation.

Upgrade Your Window Treatments in 2024 with Blind Plus and More

We hope that you embrace all the exciting new opportunities that lie ahead in the new year!

Upgrading your window treatments can feel like a completely new beginning in both your home and life.

From motorized blinds to honeycomb shades and several other products, there are many things you can do to stay updated with all the recent trends and bring your home vision to life, all by upgrading your window treatments.

Blinds Plus and More is here to guide you through every step of the process.

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